General Information

Where can I go on social media to get information on #sb51 Events?

For SB51 event information on Twitter, visit @HouSuperBowl

When are the Super Bowl Events?

An official listing of Super Bowl events can be found on the Super Bowl Host Committee website.

How many people are we expecting to come to Houston for the Super Bowl?

The City of Houston expects over 150k additional people to visit for #SB51 events.

I work downtown – Should I come to work during the Super Bowl Activities?

Most businesses in the downtown Houston area will have no changes to their hours of operation due to Super Bowl festivities. Contact your employer for your specific report to work instructions.

Are we expecting any severe weather?

While weather forecasts change as we get closer to events, there is no reason to believe severe weather will affect the Super Bowl or related events. for information on severe weather, visit the National Weather Service Houston/Galveston Forecast Office website at

City of Houston Services

Are there any changes to city services because of Super Bowl Events?

No. City services, including @houstontrash collection and @COHPermits will be on normal schedules during this time. For more information, check Houston 311 or #SB51info.  

Will police or fire service be affected by Super Bowl events because officers/firefighters will be reassigned to events?

Over 40 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are partnering together to ensure the safety of visitors and Houston’s residents.

Can I camp outside of venues to keep my place in line?


How do I report fake merchandise?

Report suspected counterfeit merchandise to the non-emergency number of the Houston Police Department at 713-884-3131

Can I bring a backpack to the stadium or Super Bowl events?


My car was towed – where did it go?

If your car was towed within the City of Houston, visit or call 713.308.8580.

How do I report an unsafe fire situation in an event venue or other building?

To report potential fire hazards, dial 9-1-1.

How can I stay informed about impacts from Super Bowl-related events in Houston?

@HoustonOEM is using the @AlertHouston system to send a daily brief about Super Bowl activities. Sign up at  #sb51info.

Do I need a permit to conduct a demonstration? How do I get one?

No permit is needed to organize a demonstration. Demonstrations should take place on public property, and not impede egress/ingress on public streets and thoroughfares. If one is seeking to shut down a public street, then a permit is needed. Contact ARA for more information or go to their website here.

Will trash pick up be affected by Super Bowl events?

Trash and recycling within the Super Bowl live areas will be handled by a third-party vendor (hired by the Super Bowl Host Committee). The City of Houston’s trash and recycling services will operate normal schedules.

What should I do if a friend or family member is arrested?

Search for a friend or family member (17+) who may be in City of Houston jail.

How do I file a report against an irreputable taxi/Uber driver?

Report any unscrupulous activity of taxis or vehicles for hire to the Houston Department of Administration and Regulatory Affairs or by dialing 3-1-1 (731-827-0311).

Public Safety Information

Where do I go to report suspicious activity?

If you feel there is an immediate emergency call 911. Otherwise call 1-855-iwatch4 or report online at #sb51

What does “suspicious activity” mean?

Suspicious activity related to terrorism is activity that might indicate someone is planning a terrorist attack. Watch the video at #sb51

Are drones allowed at Super Bowl-related events?

FAA registered drones can operate if they stay in the operator’s sight & don’t fly over congested areas.

Are there any threats to the Super Bowl or related activities?

There are currently no credible threats to Super Bowl 51 or the events surrounding it. Learn more about suspicious activity at #sb51

What is a non-emergency number for the City of Houston?

For non-emergency police assistance, call 713.884.3131. For other City Help & Information call 311 (713.837.0311) #sb51info

What safety perimeter is around Super Bowl Live?
Law enforcement is stationed at strategic points around events to ensure that everyone attending enjoys the event in a safe manner. If you see anything suspicious, notify law enforcement immediately. #SeeSomethingSaySomething

Why are there so many helicopters in the air over the Stadium?

Many agencies are patrolling the sky to keep the event safe including @CustomsBorder @HoustonPolice and @FBIHouston. #sb51info

What security perimeter is around NRG Park?

Law enforcement is stationed at strategic points around events to ensure that everyone attending enjoys the event in a safe manner. If you see anything suspicious, notify law enforcement immediately. #SeeSomethingSaySomething

Traffic and Transportation

How do I stay informed about emergency and traffic information in Houston?

For a live traffic map, visit

For updates on activities and emerencies in Houston, sign up for AlertHouston at

Where are roads closed downtown?

Visit #KnowBeforeYouGo for #SuperBowlLI event specific road closures

Where are the big unofficial events – how can I avoid the traffic around them?

Check today’s event brief at for a list of activities. #sb51info

If I was in a car accident – how do I file a police report?

If the vehicle(s) can safely be driven, exchange insurance information and safely leave the scene. If the vehicle(s) cannot be safely driven, contact the HPD non-emergency number at 713-884-3131. If injuries are involved, call 9-1-1.